Grant Requirements

The Bertin Family Foundation allocates grants to organizations that have:

  • 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service
  • a history of achievement, effectiveness, and good management demonstrating a sound financial condition

The Bertin Family Foundation considers proposals for projects and programs that:

  • are consistent with the Foundation's identified areas of interest
  • have significant potential to make a measurable impact in an area of need

The Bertin Family Foundation does not cover Facilities & Administration costs (or indirect costs) associated with grants it provides.

   How to Apply

Please email [email protected] with proposals from your organization defining how a donation from the Foundation would benefit recipients. Please be very specific about how you would propose using the funds and include a budget on how the money would be spent. If you have more than one project that we should review, please include everything we should consider. We will process all proposal and determine funding on an annual basis. Future grants may not necessarily mirror past donations.
The deadline for proposals to be considered is the first Friday of June each year.